YOLO Restaurant fires back @Drake


This week in YOLO news. Remember how Drake said he’s owed royalties from people using “YOLO” on merchandise and such. Well, we weren’t sure if he was for-serious or for-joking.

Well, Broward Palm Beach New Times caught up with the Broward restaurant of the same name, which was actually opened back in 2008. Making that a good 3 years or so before Drake went “ham” on the phrase. And on top of that, the restaurant owns the trademark for it.

 “I think Drake saying that is such a joke,” says Tim Petrillo of the Restaurant People, who own YOLO. “Frankly, I am not sure if Rick Ross (with whom Drake did the song) didn’t get the idea from us. Ross has been eating at our restaurant since we opened in 2008. We have trademarked that name since we opened. I would really love for Drake’s people to contact me about royalties: I might have my people contact him. Even Google knows who came first.”

So, the story develops. But really, the phrase can definitely not be pinpointed to a certain someone. And trademarking in one class, may not protect among all classes. But let’s see how this one turns out.


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