Time-Peace are in the middle of a IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Campaign


Many of us beings seem to be carrying burdens onto our futures, like some sort of travel luggage with a tag reading: PAST .. not noticing that we are here, NOW (so maybe you should pack lightly!). We live in a world where we deal so much with numbers. Clocks, prices, locations, dates. All clearly letting us know that moment by moment, we are moving forward. But thats life, so why worry when we can just be. Thats when Time-Peace comes in, an intergalactic watch company making a movement and aiming to help people change their perception of time. TP’s goal is to create a shift in the way we view the world by realizing our interconnectedness in the present moment. The Time-Peace symbol is an integration of four universal principles that can help anyone live in the Now and create a foundation for peace. They include: Time is an illusion, Perception creates reality, Everything is interconnected, and the Universe is in alignment.

Currently, Time-Peace are in the middle of a IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to raisy money for their newest line of TP’s,The InfiniTPeace. The InfiniTPeace is the first Time-Peace that lets you create your own peace of wearable art. Like some of the creations above-you choose your case, you choose your band, you choose your dial.

 “We are all here with the ability to create our own inner peace and express it to the world. The InfiniTPeace is a celebration of expression, a reminder that you can create your own peace however you want. The possibilities are endless.”

To learn more/see past collections, check their Facebook fan page HERE.

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