Best Of The305 List for 2012 & Also, Check Our 2012 Video Recap Reel



Welp, we’re a couple days late as usual, but we finally wrapped up our yearly Best Of The305 list. Click here to read it post by post.

We definitely want to thank everyone that supported the site in 2012. We hope 2013, you will continue to grow with us and help continue to achieve our goals of keeping Miami and the world informed on everything that’s great about Miami and South Florida.

Definitely look forward to more local exclusive content in 2013, more videos, more exclusive photos, more interviews and definitely tons more features on Miami people and Miami businesses. Thanks again for a great year. And oh yeah, check out 2012 Recap Reel below, with most of the stuff we did or released in 2012…



And again, click here to read our 2012 Best Of The 305 List.

2012 Best Of The 305Announcements

Miami Zip Codes
Broward Zip Codes
Things To Do In Miami
Winter Music Conference 2016
Art Basel Miami 2016
New Years Eve Miami 2016
Miami Radio Stations
Miami Clubs
Miami Restaurants
Miami Art Galleries
Miami Sneaker Stores