2012 Coolest Thing To Do In Miami – The Miami Critical Mass

Transit Miami

While the Miami Critical Mass meetup has been going on for quite a few years now. 2012 was the year that EVERYONE started really going. It became the new “in thing” to do. Along with the Second Saturday Wynwood Art Walk, Miami Critical Mass that takes place on the final Friday of each month has become a great staple for Miami. Imagine thousands of people on their bikes taking a cruise around this wonderful city of ours.

So many noteworthy people have also joined the cause this year. In 2012, you saw LeBron, D-Wade and other Miami Heat members become monthly regulars at the event.

Not only is just a cool event to partake in, but Miami Critical Mass promotes all things from active lifestyles, culture, and even bringing awareness to the ever growing problem of making Miami a city friendly to alternate modes of transportation like biking.

So here’s to many more months and years of the Critical Mass.