2012 Best Chicken & Waffles In Miami – Lokal Burgers & Beer in Coconut Grove

There are tons of places in Miami that serve genuine Chicken & Waffle dishes. Some serve them with chicken tenders, others serve them with actual dark or white meat chicken. And while many focus on the taste of the chicken (which should most definitely be on point), they forget the delicacy of the waffle companion.

And while someone who’s eating fried chicken and waffles for breakfast, is already conscious of the fact that what they’re about to eat is NOT healthy – when you need/want that comfort, then do it right.

Enter Lokal Burgers & Beer in Coconut Grove, who very recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. While there are tons of comfort food menu items to keep you busy for a lifetime, the Chicken & Waffles they serve is downright heaven. Mama Bear’s Chicken & Waffles Dish for $14. Fried Florida chicken with Belgian waffles served with chopped bacon, powdered sugar and homemade maple syrup. Add whipped cream and fresh fruit for $1.

Trust us, its worth the trip to Coconut Grove to taste this.

More Info: www.lokalmiami.com