2012 Fuck You Award – Hublot For Blatantly Using Our Logo Without Even Hiding It


So Hublot released a “305” watch and um, pretty much took our logo without as much as asking, or reaching out to us in any way.

I mean we’ve been using it for a long time now and if you look at the nice images images above, you can see they just took the logo, and changed the font. The logo shield even has the same exact slant and shape. If you grab the original PSD floating file of our logo, you can hover it right on top of the watch design and its 100 percent fit. So there’s no denying where they got their inspiration from.

And while the “Interstate Sign” shape is a generic shape. Interstate-305 is somewhere in California, so associating a shield with a 305 in it to Miami is our concept, idea, creation, etc.

So a big middle finger to Hublot for shitting on the little guys.

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