2012 Fail Of The Year – UR1 Festival’s “Reason” For Cancellation


What started with so much hope, you know, the announcement of Kanye West as one of the headliners, turned into a multi-genre mashup gumbo styled Concert slash Festival that ultimately couldn’t see the light of day. UR1 was to be the cherry on top for Art Basel goers, but it ended up being cancelled (or postponed as they said) for what was an obvious lack of ticket sales.

But the true “fail” comes when UR1 organizers played a game of PR-Crisis-Control and blamed the cancellation, err, postponement, to Hurricane Sandy complications and to weather in Miami that was 2-3 weeks away. Yeah. Right.

So, let’s hope that this festival does see the light of day in the future because it really did seem to be a great opportunity for something different in Miami. So let’s see.


2012 Best Of The 305

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