Zoo Miami May Become Part of Larger Tourist Destination


As the ideas continue to be brought into discussion, Miami-Dade County officials are truly pushing on the expansion of Zoo Miami, in hopes of it finally becoming a multi-attraction destination. The proposed development would create a significant amount of jobs that would help boost the local economy. The plan in action is being labeled as the “Zoo Miami Entertainment Area”, which would combine Zoo Miami and the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, in an attempt to create a local version of Universal Studios Orlando. Not too long ago, Zoo Miami received a pair of cheetah cubs from South Africa that are looking to become the new “stars” of this generation. Zoo Miami is looking for new ways to attract a crowd, and this definitely looks like the step in the right direction. The county has started accepting proposals from developers, and it honestly looks like the idea of a theme park, water park, or some sort of CityWalk type of venue, is most certainly not that farfetched. Miami-Dade County officials ensure the public that because this is a public-private partnership; it wouldn’t cost any taxpayer of Miami-Dade Country anything. Developers are planning to submit proposals before May next year, in hopes of a multi-attraction destination by 2015.

You can continue to stay updated with Zoo Miami through the official site, which can be found right here.


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