MUSIC: Real Talk – Louder Than Words (EP)

1.What Is (M1 of Dead Prez speaks) 01:53
2.Real Talk, Live Free 03:34
3.You Are What You Are w/ Angel Ocean 04:17
4.Nowadayz 02:59
5.Still Played Out w/ Flow Official 04:24
6.In This Together 04:09
7.Louder Than Words 03:27
8.One Word w/ Omniscient 03:39
9.Untold Story 03:08
10.The Truth (Don’t Lie) 03:31
11.From Here To There 03:07
12.Old Memories 03:04
13.What Is (Stic.Man of Dead Prez speaks) 01:31

released 30 November 2012
Recorded & Mixed by Miami Beat Wave