PHOTOS from the “TOYS R LIKE US” exhibit by Santlov, also featuring 13th Witness


Santlov is an artist and toy-aficionado from Miami. His Instagram account has blown up to epic proportions with hundreds of thousands of followers all waiting to see what his next creative photos will be made up of. He uses pretty much toys and miniatures to create these scenarios that fall under the theme of “Toys R Like Us.” Well, last night he displayed a few prints at the Gale Hotel, along with NYC photographer 13th Witness. It was dope seeing these Instagram creations blown up to larger than life sizes.

Above are a photos, the first showing the artist himself Santlov. Then below, you have DJ Ross One and Tatanka Guerrero posing for a shot. And then a photo of 13th Witness, which was taken by Jose Romero of WordInTown.

Follow @Santlov on Instagram to see more of this work.

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