Shottie & TeV95 – God Speed [DVD + CD Bundle]

God Speed [DVD Album] written, directed, and scored by Shottie & TeV95 includes a collection of short films, music videos, and a 20 min documentary titled 88MPH.

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1.Alligator Alley 02:41
2.Horror Movie 02:12
3.Legendary Shit 02:32
4.Cyanide Filet 02:29
5.Joe Dumars 02:31
6.Be Everywhere 03:49
7.Soda Popinski 02:15
8.Part Time Lover 03:30
9.Fire Sale 01:22
10.Baby Baby 02:48
11.While You Counting Sheep 03:15

Shottie & TeV95 – God Speed [Soundtrack]
Includes all the music from the God Speed [Video Album] plus a bonus track titled “While You Counting Sheep”.
released 20 November 2012
Written & Performed by Shottie
Composed, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by TeV95
Photo by Nadav