MUSIC: Nic Goose ft. Sky Lex & Left Brain – Cocaine Cigarettes

For most, Cocaine Cigarettes will serve as the official introduction to Nic Goose and 2.7.5. Sky Lex. This is necessarily not a bad thing, considering the slickness bestowed in the visuals to the rather remarkable rapping of Left Brain (of MellowHype). This Raider Klan and Odd Future affiliation should come across as no surprise. This stretches all the way to early 2011, when Syd Tha Kyd first started playing SGP’s songs during her sets. Sky Lex has produced for other Raiders in the past, ranging from Key Nyata’s LSD Trippystyle to tracks featuring Eddy Baker, Ethelwulf, and even Chris Travis. We can only imagine what other creations are in waiting to be unveiled. No spirits, just cocaine cigarettes.

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