Kardashians get the key of North Miami for well, pretty much nothing

If you’ve noticed our three-Kim-K-posts a week, then you should know that we’re big Kardashian booty fans and all that, but this is just too far. The City Of North Miami gave Kim and her sister Kourtney the key to the city earlier today for filming their reality show in the city.

Yeah, the show will put a national spotlight and give tons of free advertising to the City of North Miami, but, we think this might be just a little too far. And we don’t know about ya’ll, but we can surely bet that they will NOT change the show’s name to Kourtney & Kim Take North Miami. And we’ll be surprise if when they do exterior shots of the house, that they correctly subtitle the house as being in North Miami. If they do, then maybe this is somewhat deserved, but otherwise eh-eh.

Press play to see the intro of the ceremony.

Via NBCMiami