FriendsWithYou Releases A New Print-Set – (Limited to 150 Each)

FriendsWithYou reams up with PosterChildPrints to release a pair of “ying-yangish” type prints of their infamous Malfi  character. FriendsWithYou’s most iconic and powerful character, Malfi is featured in these two over sized portraits… bringing Magic, Luck and Friendship into everyone’s lives. Two prints, each sold separately and limited to 150 pieces each.

Each purchase comes with a custom Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and a super special Malfi Club sticker!

“I am Malfi” depicts Malfi in his original pose. He is the great ponderer in his stoic grimace- he harnesses great power! Good Luck and Be Careful!

“I am Malfi II” depicts the great wizard in the smiling pose, his most comfortable gesture. He reminds us of the power of the smile, a laugh, and outright joyfulness. Everything is going to be ok!

Available Now for $100 each.