We Gotta Agree with Mark Cuban On This One…..regarding Facebook charging for your fans to see your posts

Mark Cuban goes in on Facebook for making businesses have to pay to reach their own followers and fans on their business pages. He uses his own Dallas Mavericks’ fanpage where Facebook was charging him about $3,000 to promote a status update to 1 Million of his 2 Million fans. And without the $3,000, he’d probably reach about 70,000 – 100,000 fans at best. Facebook responded to Mark and other critics by saying that they are doing no such thing and are not forcing fanpage users to pay to reach their fans.

Our take? Facebook is full of shit. We have about 7,500 fans as of (11/14/12) and we only reach like 7-10 percent of our fans whenever we do a single post or status update. About a year or year and a half ago, we were easily reaching 50-60 percent of our total fans with no problem, considering the fact that not every logs on everyday or etc.

So it what it is, Facebook is a publicly traded company and they have to make some revenue. But to flat out deny it is pretty ludicrous. Kudos to Mark for voicing his opinion.

Source: NBCMiami

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