The word GIF beats out the word YOLO as “Oxford’s Word Of The Year”

GIF (graphic interchange format) turned 25 this year and has also gotten the acclaim of being named 2012’s “Word of the Year” by Oxford, beating out the much acclaimed #YOLO (“you only live once,” coined/popularized by Drake over the last year or so).

Oxford also stated that you can pronounce GIF with a soft g (as in giant) or a hard g (as in graphic).”

Other finalists for this year’s award include Eurogeddon, Super PAC, Superstorm, Nomophobia, Higgs boson, and MOOC (massive open online course).

Sidenote: The Gif above is so wrong and the girl was interviewed after showing she was okay. But it shows her getting knocked out by an incoming spike, bouncing off her head and then tripping the running official on the top left corner. What are the freakin’ odds.