Claimed musician and scientist, 18-year-old Miami-local, Alex Colon (Lowa Letta), is usually in his room mixing up some potions and has been for about three years now. Lowa Letta has released yet another album this past month and his personal favorite titled “CYBERPUNK5000” (click through to download full album). Inspired by the ocean and the moon (and even jungle queens) his music sends a futuristic, sometimes dark and mystic vibe.

When I asked Alex to give me a sentence on what he is trying to send out into the world/fans through his music and beats, he responded:

“What I’m trying to do is spread awareness of real life preservation and self dependency to our youth…basically to not rely on no one but yourself. You are your own God and you control your destiny. Preserve our mother nature as much as you can…that’s what im trying to do with my music.”

DOWNLOAD: His discography can be found and downloaded ~Β hereΒ ~but more music/albums can be listened by you via bandcamp.

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