Flo Rida Helps Launch A Cheerleading Competition

Flo Rida has reached a certain level of stardom over the past 5 years, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving back to his community. Flo Rida has taken it upon himself to link up with some of his friends in the entertainment circle to launch a cheerleading competition in South Florida. The launch of the Florida Youth Football League Cheerleaders (FYFLC) Cheer Competition was shortly placed into effect.

Flo Rida hosted the (FYFLC) Cheer Competition alongside Christina Millian, Betty Wright and Trina and also had guest speakers who talked to the youngsters about the importance of education and building chemistry with fellow teammates.

Flo Rida was pleased to see a family oriented event take place in the South Florida Community. Flo Rida will also partner with the Florida Youth Football League for the league’s Super Bowl Game, which will take place November 18th, 2012.

Source: All Hip Hop