VIDEO: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Get Rough With Camera Woman on South Beach

As if drama can ever leave the sides of KimYe. Remember those pictures that came out from Kanye and Kim going out on a date to Prime 112 and Kim wore that see-through skirt where she was obvioulsy wearing no underwear?

Video has surfaced from that outing and Kanye can be seeing trying to snatch a female’s papparazzi camera after she asked Kim if she knew about the baby ex-fiance Reggie Bush was having with his girlfriend who looks exactly like her.

This video is pure comedy as you can hear what seems to be a Cuban-American bystander saying, “Don’t ask those questions. Kanye, you are my boy…I got your back.” Just remember, living the life of a “celebrity” (does anybody know what Kim actually does?), isn’t all its cracked up to be when you constantly have to deal with things like this.