The Dark Origins of Nike’s “Just Do It” Slogan

Out of all the ads I have seen in my young life, Nike holds the phrase I will never forget.  The iconic “Just Do It” slogan was born in 1988 from advertising partner to Nike, Wieden and Kennedy.  For decades this legendary stamp has remained the symbol for motivation and perseverance, making Nike the king of athletic wear.  Yet, even Nike execs were unaware of the dark origins behind the development of this slogan.  Dan Wieden reveals that the slogan caught his eye from the notorious last words of a Utah murderer yelling, “Let’s do it!” while facing firing squad execution.  After making some minor adjustments, the rest is history.  Dan had no idea 3 simple words would snowball into a movement that inspired the world.  Even if you’re not a Nike fan take a look at the video, its amazing to see the unintentional effect “Just Do It” has had.