Drunk Secret Service Agent Arrested in Miami this past Friday

Another day another secret service agent caught up in some drama. At least this story doesn’t involve prostitutes. Aaron Francis Engler, a secret service agent, was arrested in Miami at 7am Friday morning for disorderly intoxication after being found passed out on the street. The agent, who just hours after receiving a visit from the President (who spoke at UM on Thursday), may also be facing a resisting arrest without violence charge.

According to the arrest report,  Engler was spotted by an officer lying down on the northeast corner of Southeast 7th Street and Brickell Avenue. The officer asked Engler to get off the ground but he refused. The officer then helped Engler get up when he noticed the agent’s bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Yep, he was hammered and was going to jail! Engler was booked and later released to the Secret Service. I’m sure Obama doesn’t need these problems just a month before election day.

Source: NBC Miami