FULL VIDEO of the Red Bull Stratos Jump by Felix Baumgartner – 23 Miles High & 833 MPH Max for 4 Min 22 Secs

Red Bull Stratos Jump Full Video by Felix Baumgartner up above 23 Miles in the sky. He landed safely in New Mexico earlier this afternoon while being guided by a crew of 300+ personnel at the Red Bull Stratos mission control. The mission/project was in the works for over 5 years…and as of now, has been declared a success. Felix topped out at 833.9 MPH in speed, breaking the speed of sound in the air which is at about 760 MPH.

We can’t wait till that helmet-cam video comes out.

GIF: Felix Baumgartner's triumphant reaction after landi... on Twitpic


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