Ultra Music Festival Brings In $79 Million Annually for Miami Economy


Can the EDM movement save our world? No. But can it save Miami’s economy? Absolutely. The growth of Ultra is one of the best things to ever come to Miami besides King James. Both of these meccas have really helped  contribute to millions of dollars flow through our economy.

What does Ultra do for us here in Miami you ask? Create nearly 1,000 jobs, and generate upwards of $10 million in federal, state, and local taxes.All we have to do is gather a bunch of electronic dance music artists and drop them in the middle of Downtown Miami, then add 165,000 screaming fans and watch it rain $100 bills. Is the simple any where? Nope. Miami is the best city to live in and that’s why all these fans go so hard at Ultra and do whatever they can to get a ticket.

Also, it is not just Miami’s locals attending Ultra yet, “Of the estimated 165,000 annual attendees, WEG reports that nearly 60 percent come from outside of Miami-Dade, spending an average of about $262 a day on lodging, food, transportation, and shopping for stuff like Vicks inhalers,  pacifiers, and furry boots.

Source: Miami New Times


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