Miami Heat arrive in China for Preseason Games

Heat in China

Imagine China/AP Images

The Heat arrived in Beijing yesterday for a week long trip. The team will be facing the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday in Beijing and will face the Clippers again in Shanghai on Sunday. Aside from playing the game of basketball, the NBA reigning champions will get a chance to enjoy their vacation time and build chemistry off the court.

Heat coach Eric Spoelstra understands that these type of opportunities don’t come around every year. The last time the Heat had the opportunity to play overseas during the preseason was in 2008 when they went to Europe and faced the Nets. Since this opportunity doesn’t happen often, the NBA champions are expected to enjoy their trip overseas and engage in activities outside of the game of basketball.

A trip to the Great Wall of China was scheduled for earlier today. The team is already making themselves at home. Periodically, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James will update their Instagram accounts to showcase what the Heat players have been doing during their time of leisure. LeBron snapped a photo of himself getting a foot massage and has been making sure the heart of the Miami Heat team, Udonis Haslem, and new teammate Rashard Lewis get their share of pampering.

It seems new teammates Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis came to the organization at a great time and will already have bonding memories with teammates before the regular season kicks off.

Source: ESPN, Huffington Post


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