Burn Notice extends its contract in Miami

Last week, the city of Miami came to an agreement with producers for the hit TV series “Burn Notice” and signed a one-year lease extension to allow the rental reservation of a former Coconut Grove Exposition Center. In exchange, the city of Miami will receive $450,000 in annual rent. The move came into effect after the city of Miami unraveled plans to get rid of the recent 100,000 plus square foot space across from City Hall, that was formally renovated by the TV series for $240,000 a year. The city of Miami wanted to start the destruction of the building immediately, to start the renovation of its Coconut Grove Waterfront.

After months of negotiation the two have finally come to an agreement. The production owners of Burn Notice, TVM Productions, and the city of Miami are glad to see the agreement as the show has reportedly poured in $100 million into the local economy.

Source: Miami Today News