Category 5 Boat Shoes – Created by University Of Miami Senior

Category 5 Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes have been making their rounds in fashion circuits over the past few years and ever since Shoe Gallery released their Boat Shoe collabo with Adidas, I’ve been a fan.

Well, so enter, Category 5 Boat Shoes. Jason Shuman, a senior at UM, created the new brand to target the college crowd. With the help of his brother and three friends, Jason founded Category 5 Boat Shoes.

He’s been expanding to various campuses across the United States with 30 campuses on board now, and with 200 on the horizon as the goal. With $80 being the average price, the price is affordable and convenient for the college-aged consumer – especially considering the quality you get.

Check out Category 5 by visiting their website:

Source: Local 10