COMPLEX: How You Can Suck At Promoting Your Clothing Brand



Thanks to the witty minds, such as Jian DeLeon at Complex, they created a list of ways NOT to promote your clothing brand. We get it, its “different” from the rest of the hundreds upon hundreds of clothing brands out there. The problem always lies in how to get the word out about your clothing brand. Bloggers and sites that feature style should be gateways for new clothing brands. There is still rules to this game. Let’s proceed to the rules, shall we?

1. Do NOT misspell names of the people you are sending an email to or the name of the publication. Automatic rejection. And make sure you read that email at least three times to make sure there are no typos.

2. Do NOT be clichΓ© when making your pitch. Be real and show your brand’s true colors.

3. Do NOT act fake. Pretending to be down with the editors or acting like a groupie will get you nowhere. Build a relationship first and take it from there.

4. Do NOT butt in to conversations between bloggers or editors. If you are, don’t be a salesperson. Give your two cents about the subject at hand.

5. Do NOT spam blog comments. Leaving one or a dozen comments saying to check out your clothing brand won’t get the attention of anybody. Zilch.

6. Do NOT put the pressure to check out that email you sent a week ago. Writers are busy. Their lives consist of emails and press releases, so you aren’t alone in the waiting game.

7. Do NOT pitch your clothing brand as original or as the ‘first’ of anything. The fitted caps, t-shirts with graphics, and leather jackets are something they have seen since the caveman era. Make sure you know the market you are in and are aware of other brands that are similar to yours.

8. Do NOT stalk writers or bloggers on social media. You follow them on Twitter? Cool. You like every single picture of theirs? Not cool. Remember to always keep it professional. Don’t be all up in their business.

9. Do NOT pay celebrities to wear your clothes. It might work sometimes but wouldn’t it be better if they were actually paying for it?

10. And lastly, Do NOT act like you are the best brand out there. Nobody likes a cocky person. They usually never end up with the girl in the movies. The same applies in real life.


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