MIAMI MUSIC: Gamma Bot Releases Beat Tape – Space, Time, &HER Volume 4

Aiming for experimental/hip-hop instrumentals, Jerry hills, known by the name of Gamma Bot, released his fourth beat tape titled, “Space, Time, & HER” via bandcamp last week. This mellow, galactic and original beat tape holds 24-tracks of mixes and can be downloaded for free.99 [here]. Album art done by the creative Amir Khan.

Some of my personal favorites were: “Estrella”, “Put It In My Video”, “Smile” and “Hira Caterpillar”. Click below to stream/download.

1.Prelude: Milky 00:50
2.Andromeda Vs. Lima 00:48
3.Ixora Collection 01:14
4.Estrella (Ft. COMPLEX) 01:05
5.Lightspeed 01:36
6.Basics 01:30
7.Lude 02:20
8.Le Floozy Dramatic 02:04
9.Stitches 01:20
10.Small Magellanic Cloud 01:41
11.Rubiaceae Collection 01:01
12.Childish Gambino – Put It In My Video ( WITCHES SNUFF TAPE REMIX) 04:27
13.Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (TheGammaBOT REMIX) 03:44
14.Ring 01:34
15.Smoke Zoe 00:56
16.There Is A Satellite Falling 01:32
17.Smile 01:31
18.Interlude (Ft. COMPLEX and Dreams) 02:31
19.Abella 00:56
20.Thin Uneasy Bones 01:46
21.Eye And You 01:56
22.Moments 01:07
23.Transitions (WITCHES REMIX) 02:59
24.Hira Caterpillar 01:56