President Obama checks in with DJ Laz

PhotoCred: TrueSlant.Com

PhotoCred: TrueSlant.ComPhoto Credit:

Yesterday, President Obama took the liberty to do a call-in interview with DJ Laz on the DJ Laz Morning Show. The President discussed sports, immigration, his plans on investing in education and also discussed further plans that he would implement if granted a re-election.

Before President Obama checked-out with the city of Miami he urged citizens, regardless of political views, to use their right to vote this upcoming election. If you would like to receive information on how to register to vote be sure to stop by and if you need information on how to vote or where to vote visit

Be sure to check out the full interview of President Obama on the DJ Laz Morning Show by clicking below…

Spoiler Alert: In the beginning of the interview DJ Laz brings up the Miami Dolphins and President Obama did his best to sugar coat our situation.

Source: HuffingtonPost


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