Hialeah Drivers are #4 on the List of the Country’s Worst Drivers


Photo: SweetHomeHialeah

If this photo is any proof or indication of the list’s credibility, then um, yeah, I can definitely believe it. Hialeah was #4 on All State’s annual list of cities with the worst drivers. And not too far behind, Miami came in at #9.

Sometimes Miami shows up on city rankings in spots that sort of irk us. Other times our rankings are pleasantly surprising. And occasionally we get ranked in a spot that makes us think, Yeah, that is totally accurate.

So, we’re not exactly surprised that not one, but two Miami-Dade cities sit in the top of Allstate Insurance’s cities with the worst drivers list.

The insurance giant studied the insurance claim frequency of America’s 200 biggest cities. The average American wrecks their care about once every ten years, but in some cities that frequency is a lot higher.

Hialeah came in fourth overall. Drivers there were 77.6 percent more likely to get into a car accident than the average American. Hialeah residents go about 5.9 years between car crashes.

The City of Miami came in ninth. Miami Drivers are 58.4 percent more likely to crash. Miamians go about 6.4 years between car crashes.

If you’re hoping to avoid the worst drivers, do not to go to Washington D.C., which is apparently America’s bad driving capital. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, meanwhile has America’s best drivers.

Source: All State / Miami New Times


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