KICKSTARTER: Help and donate for this documentary —- The Bottom: Miami’s Music Scene on the Rise

With the support of Kickstarter, Curveline Films is trying to show the world that Miami’s music scene is every bit as vibrant and rich with history as that of Austin, Nashville, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The Bottom: Miami’s Music Scene on the Rise, is a legacy project for the city and artists of Miami, an opportunity to showcase Miami’s past, present, and future. It is an invitation to be a part of history for the capital of the Americas. The documentary is slated to be released later this year pending funding.

The Bottom touches on the true lives of the artists that live and make music in this unique city. This documentary aims at changing perceptions about Miami simply being a home for South Beach, sun, and sand. Miami is a rich city with decades of musical heritage and diverse cultural traditions that set it apart from the rest of the country. In many ways, Miami is both The Bottom and The Top.


Afrobeta Spam All Stars Suenalo Locos Por Juana Chrystal Hartigan
Cosmo Ohms Jahfe Oski Gonzalez Queen of the Scene Fernando Perdomo
Community Property DJ Vice Bound By Blood LMS No Emotions
Jesse Jackson Urban Rebel Iko-Iko Ominé Ed Bell Rene Fiallos
The Mann Sisters Jay Blue Yovanni Arturo Torres Willy Pop
Big Brooklyn Red Bachaco Llamabeats Black Jacket Eric Vick Band
Telekinetic Walrus and MORE with special guests: Aston Barrett (The Wailers) and Termanology

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