MIXTAPE :::: The Samples of God Forgives, I Don’t

Here are some of the samples used on Rick Ross’ God Forgives I Don’t album via the form of a mixtape courtesy of Gianni Lee and Mike Blud. Listen below…

01. Gianni Lee – Intro
02. The Mad Lads – I Forgot to be Your Lover (Pirates)
03. Crowns Of Glory – I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch) (3 Kings)
04. Wilson Pickett – Shameless (Ashamed)
05. Cortex – Prelude A (60 Round) (Amsterdam)
06. Junior M.A.F.I.A – Get Money (Presidential)
07. Jeffrey Osborne – Baby (Ten Jesus Pieces)
08. Franco Micalizzi – Voices For Saddness Theme (Fountain Of Youth) (Bonus)
09. Nas – Daydreamin’ (Stay Schemin’) (Bonus)
10. Jimi Hendrix – Fire (MMG The World Is Ours) (Bonus)
11. The Miracles – Give Me Just Another Day (MMG The World Is Ours) (Bonus)
12. Norman Feels – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done (Accident Murderers) (Bonus)
13. MC Shan – The Bridge (Accident Murderers) (Bonus)