Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘Rick Ross puts me in a good mood’


(NY Daily News) – Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband Chris Martin is known for his smooth vocals and mellow tunes, but her personal summer playlist turns out to be a bit more eclectic.

The quirky actress, who performed a rousing rendition of “Forget You” with Cee Lo Green at last year’s Grammy Awards, posted her selection of Summer Jams to pal Jay-Z’s site Life + Times, with a few unexpected choices.

Among her picks were San Diego rock band Pinback’s “Loro,” hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” and indie band Neon Indian’s “Halogen.”

Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin About You” also made her list, as did Hot Chip’s “Motion Sickness.”

“I could listen to the chorus of this song on a loop for an eternity,” she said of Ocean’s honest track. “I think this album might be a masterpiece.”

But it’s French Montana’s “Pop That,” featuring verses by Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, that really helps Paltrow, 39, get into a good summer groove.

“Rick Ross puts me in a good mood,” she said by way of explanation. “He just does.”

Source: NY Daily News


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