TONIGHT is the Hard Knocks Season Premiere featuring the Miami Dolphins


Along with talking about several football-related issues, the fourth-year cornerback was asked whether he had noticed all the NFL Films cameras and microphones scattered around the field to gather footage for this year’s installment of “Hard Knocks.”

“I didn’t even know I was mic-ed up until somebody told me,” Davis pointed out. “I forgot I was mic-ed up. I’m just working out here to get better. Right now it’s about football.”

Indeed, it’s all about football this summer for the Dolphins, more specifically preparing for the start of the 2012 regular season.

Yes, they have embraced the opportunity to be the team featured on this year’s “Hard Knocks,” which takes viewers behind the scenes of an NFL training camp, but they’ve also made sure not to get caught up in what’s going on around them.

“You don’t even notice it, man,” said second-year center Mike Pouncey. “You’re out here practicing, trying to get better. It’s great that we have ‘Hard Knocks’ out here, but we really don’t notice it while we’re out here on the practice field.”

To compile about 300 hours of footage before it’s whittled down to 60 minutes for each of the five episodes, NFL Films cameras are everywhere – in the meeting rooms, in the locker room, even in the middle of the practice field. According to show director Rob Gehring, there are five cameras shooting at all times, along with eight robotic cameras.

That kind of intrusion can be distracting, which is why not every team likes the idea of doing the show.

“It was very weird,” Clay said of the first experiences with the cameras. “There were times in meetings where you’re taking notes and you see the big lens, and it would kind of throw you off. I could not crack a smile a lot of times. Now, it’s kind of second nature. You get used to it.”

The Dolphins are so used to it, in fact, that rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill said he had forgotten about “Hard Knocks” when he reported to the Dolphins training facility late on a Saturday night to sign his rookie contract.

But he was quickly reminded.

“I get in the locker room, I turn around and there’s like eight guys with cams,” the Dolphins’ first-round pick said. “Whoa! It’s definitely different, but got to make the best of it.”

While they weren’t about to let “Hard Knocks” become a distraction, guard Richie Incognito and wide receiver Davone Bess were happy for the exposure the show will give the Dolphins.

Bess said “Hard Knocks” would “show the world what Dolphins football is all about.”

While saying that, though, Bess was hoping to escape the camera’s eye the way he’s been escaping opposing defensive backs for the past four seasons.

Asked before the series debut which players on the team might surprise fans with their personality, he replied: “I don’t know. I’m trying to stay out of the camera, man.”

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