Jessica Gomes, you know, the girl behind the MMMM-Maybach Music Drop, on the latest cover of Ocean Drive


Jessica Gomes in Ocean Drive

Jessica Gomes Ocean Drive

I never got a chance to post this, but this is the latest issue of Ocean Drive, featuring Jessica Gomes. You know, the Australian model known as the “Maybach Music Drop Girl”. She’s on the latest issue of Ocean Drive in an article titled “Beauty Below The Surface” and features a very below the surface theme. Click below to read a quote and/or otherwise, pick up the issue in stores and at various local hotspots.

So it’s not surprising that 26-year-old Gomes seems perfectly primed to emerge as a bridge figure between East and West as the style industries grapple with what’s modern now. Diane Smith, senior editor of the SI Swimsuit Issue, points out that Gomes’s timing couldn’t be better. She says with contemporary societies experiencing broad cultural shifts, “there’s a wider acceptance of nontraditional kinds of beauty.”

Smith adds that SI is always in search of “unique kinds of girls” as well as those who “don’t look like typical models with skinny anorexic-looking bodies.” Well, Gomes is certainly all that and more. Smith describes the model as exuding “that kind of Marilyn Monroe appeal: She knows exactly how to use her body, in terms of what works in front of the camera…. You’ve got to be smart to pull that off.”

Source: Ocean Drive

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