NEWS LINKS :::: X-Factor Judges in the 305, Burn Notice gets Eviction Notice, Gunplay lets loose, Giancarlo is coming back and the iPhone 5 in September?

Another edition of The305’s News Links where we’ll give you all the news that matters in a matter of seconds, in one convenient place. Click below for today’s News Links….


Miami art collective Friends With You debuts a public installation in Hong Kong and Hypebeast has all the photos. This is Phase I of the public art project. – [Hypebeast]

Flanigans under what most probably is going to be a future Big Daddy’s Liquor site, buys the infamous EZ KWIK in Cocounut Grove. – [Miami Herald]

– The X-Factor judges have been spotted around town during the auditions tapings. – [Miami Herald]

– The City Of Miami apparently broke two federal laws (SEC) – [NBCMiami]

FIU is working on its next issue of FIU Magazine. – [FIU News]

– Rita Ora releases her tracklisting to her Roc Nation debut. [KarenCivil]

The production crew for Burn Notice is pretty much being served an “eviction notice”. – [New Times]

– Philanthropist Russel Simmons raises 2 Million. [Allhiphop]

1970’s NYC Graff Artists Want More. [Miami Herald]

Gunplay lets loose in this new interview – [PigeonsandPlanes]

– Reality star Evelyn is stuck with Ochocinco – not the actual guy, but the name. – [NBCMiami]

Marlins breakout star Giancarlo Stanton hopes to return against the Dodgers – [CBS Local]

– The cast and crew of Step Up Revolution, which was filmed in Miami, talk with VIBE — [Vibe]

Anne Vasquez comes through with a new fashion poet update. – [TFP]

– The iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are rumored to be announced on September 12. – [NY TImes]

– During one of Christmas of WWI there was a friendly truce were opposing sides made peace, played sports together and exchanged gifts at the frontlines. Only to resume killing each other a few days after when the truce was ended. More details —-> – [OMGPop]