MIAMI MUSIC ::::::: Gill Graff featuring Anjuli Stars – My Time Is Now


This is my first time hearing about Gill Graff. I ran into him because he released a track (this one) where in the description it says that he wasn’t too happy about his music not being featured on some local Miami sites. And in that track he name drops and AshleyOutrageous. It ended up not really being a diss track, even though the song description leads you to believe.  It is what it is, but it got my attention to check the rest of his stuff and I ran into this pretty dope track, older by 5 months, called “My Time Is Now” with Anjuli Stars, which is really good actually.

In general, Gill is good, but that whole “being pissed Miami sites didn’t feature his music” stuff is wack. It makes no sense to alienate or to give the impression that you are dissing the very outlets that will help support you or have supported you in the past. You gotta think of it as this: doesn’t put your music on YOU put YOUR music on – your grind, your hustle, your talent, your networking and all that combined will get you posted on, or any website for that matter. And if you really want to speed things up, let’s be real, play the politics game. Reach out from time to time to your website of choice with some nice words, or buy an ad and pay some of their bills, or send them a $20/$30 bottle of liquor to their office. The smallest of social gestures go the long way. You can’t just sit back and expect the world to know about your movement. And this isn’t directly aimed towards Gill, its just all artists in general.

Rant Over. Listen to the track below with Gill and Anjuli….


Gill Graff featuring Anjuli Stars – My Time Is Now

Download: Click Here


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