Miami Dolphins moving closer to possibly changing their logo and uniforms


The Miami Dolphins are considering altering their current logo that they’ve had since 1997. Dolphins management, including owner Steve Ross, hinted that the franchise could potentially alter the team’s logo and uniforms.

On Friday, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee joined The Finsiders to give fans an update on the process. Dee said the Dolphins have, in fact, been in contact with the NFL for the past six months, entering in what is essentially an information-gathering stage. Any potential modifications that have been discussed, however, are from final.

“If we strike that great balance between history and what might be our future image, and fans embrace it and ownership embraces it, there’s a possibility we could make a change,” Dee said. “But no decision has been made.”

Recently, through several forums–focus groups, town hall meetings, etc. Dolphins fans have voiced concerns about the team’s logo. The current Dolphins logo, which was introduced in 1997, Jimmy Johnson’s second season as head coach, is quite similar to its predecessor, adding navy blue and accentuating some of the dolphin’s physical features.

Dee asserted that any changes will be “subtle,” attempting to put a contemporary spin on a classic look.

“We’re going to have one eye on the history and the tradition,” Dee said. “This is not going to be a change from the Tampa Bay orange to the pewter gray that they did. This is going to be, if we do it, much more subtle than that. I think you’ll see our color scheme stay the same. I think you’ll see the basic elements of the logo, with the sunburst and the dolphin, remain the same.”

If the Dolphins do decide to update their logo, they will need to officially inform the league by November, though Dee said a decision will likely be made by September.

“We’re probably in the seventh inning of that process,” Dee said. “The last couple of innings are going to be about sitting down with some fans and talking to them, getting their feedback. Certainly Steve Ross has seen what we’ve done to this point and will continue to be part of the process.”

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