Rick Ross’ rumored tracklisting for “God Forgives, I Don’t”

July 31st is the date God Forgives, I Don’t comes out. And well, its looking like a nice lil’ lineup if this tracklisting holds to be true.

Notably missing are the Nicki Minaj assisted “You The Boss”, and the Just Blaze produced “I Love My Bitches”.

But um, can we get a golf clap for that Andre 3000 feature and that “3 Kings” track with Dr. Dre and Jay-Z? Clutch if its real. Let’s see if stays like this come the week of July 31st. Rick Ross announced that the tracklisting should be public next week.

But so far, here’s the rumored tracklisting below…

1. Pray For Us
2. Pirates
3. 3 Kings feat. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z
4. Ashamed
5. Maybach Music IV feat. Ne-Yo
6. Sixteen feat. Andre 3000
7. Amsterdam
8. Hold Me Back
9. 911
10. So Sophisticated feat. Meek Mill
11. Presidential feat. Elijah Blake
12. Ice Cold feat. Omarion
13. Touch’N You feat. Usher
14. Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake
15. Ten Jesus Pieces feat. Stalley