The Internet is trying to send Pitbull to a remote town in Alaska


In a deal with Walmart, Pitbull will be sent to the store that gets the most “likes” on its page. The only problem is that a writer at The Boston Phoenix newspaper thought it’d be hilarious to make sure that everybody vote for and like the Walmart that is most remote and further away from civilization possible. And that happened to be Kodiak, Alaska. A town of about 6,000 people. As of today, the Kodiak Walmart had more than 46,000 “likes”, which is about 8 times the population of the town.

Pitbull poked fun and the internet-started joke by tweeting “I hear there’s bear repellant at Kodiak, Alaska @walmartspecials.” So obviously he doesn’t give a f*** what that Boston writer and all those people voting thinks because he’s getting paid either way.


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