Wait, what? DJ Laz now returns to Miami airwaves under syndication deal with 106.7 FM


Well, as of July 4th, your boy DJ Laz is back on Miami airwaves. Apparently, the deal was in the works to move to L.A. and format his new show to be syndicated. And his first choice of syndication was most definitely Miami. And when Romance 106.7 decided to switch formats and/or ownership (still awaiting word), they recruited Laz to take over the morning show slot via syndication. So Laz will now do his show from Los Angeles and Miami. When Laz left Power 96 earlier this year, he had a 3-month non-compete clause. July 4th pretty much marks the end of that clause and gives him total freedom to broadcast his voice in South Florida. Read the press release below…

Former “Power 96” WPOW Miami morning host DJ Laz has announced he will make his return to Miami radio on July 4.

While he has been sitting out a 90 day non-compete in Miami, Laz debuted in mornings at SBS’ rebranded “LA 96.3” KXOL Los Angeles. Where will he make his Miami return? All signs point to a flip at SBS’ Spanish AC “Romance 106.7” WRMA.

Back in March, we had reported on SBS domain registrations of ElZol106.com and 957Miami.com, which would’ve seen Tropical “95.7 El Zol” relocate to 106.3 WRAZ or 106.7 WRMA, while a new format would debut on 95.7.

That no longer appears to be the plan as a number of new domains were registered in early May to a Silvia Lopez, who we have connected to SBS/Miami. DJ106Miami.com, 106Miami.com, and 1067Miami.com as well as other extensions were registered for potential use by SBS. A banner similar to the image below has been seen outside SBS’ Miami studios covering the “Romance 106.7” logo.

Regardless of what they call the station, the format will shift to a mix of Spanish and English Rhythmic hits with an English presentation much like 96.3 in Los Angeles.

Source: RadioInsight

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