Stand against Proposal F-7 to change MAST and other Magnet Schools in Dade County


According to the Islander News (Key Biscayne Local newspaper), for the past four months, representatives of the Village of Key Biscayne have worked with the Miami-Dade School District to establish a local high school by adding a second building on the MAST campus. This plan is on a fast track that would include already adding portables to accommodate 8th and 9th grade students from Key Biscayne starting in August if an agreement is made between the Key Biscayne Council and the Miami-Dade School Board during the School Board meeting on Wednesday, June 13th. Once the new building is completed, 1,100 students Key Biscayne students from grades 6 to 12 will be guaranteed a space at the school starting in 2014.

This is an urgent call to the Mast Community including MAST alumni, faculty, ex-faculty, parents, current students, and friends of the school to come together at this time to ensure that we preserve what has made MAST great and that we are well represented at the table and our opinions heard before these drastic changes affecting our school take hold. It is very possible that during the next week the future of MAST academy may be changed forever without much time, thought and representation from the MAST community.

Update 6/14/12: On June 13th at the meeting, the school board approved F-7. They also made it clear they want to do this with other magnet schools as well. This now isn’t just a matter with preserving MAST. It is now a matter of preserving ALL magnet programs in the Miami area.


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