$1 Billion Dollar Lawsuit filed over guys responsible for the “We Buy Junk Cars in Miami” Texts


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We’ve all gotten them and we all muh’fuggin hate them. I’m talking about those “WE BUY JUNK CARS” texts that come from 786 and 305 numbers. I’m not even sure on why it took so long to get some kind of action against them, but a Hallandale Beach attorney thinks he found at least three of the people responsible for these annoying texts.

The lawsuit was filed suit in federal court this week to stop the unsolicited ads that he alleges Gregorio A. Tejera, of Coral Springs, Lazaro W. Diaz-Fernandez, of Coral Gables, and Jose Leyva, of Hialeah, are sending.

Owens accuses the men of buying a bulk list of cell numbers from an unknown source and then blasting “WE BUY JUNK CARS” text messages through an automatic telephone dialing system known as an “auto-dialer.”

The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from such robo-dialing, Owens said.

“The law is quite clear in this regard: If you call or text a cellular telephone using an auto dialer without the prior express consent of the consumer, you have broken the law and are subject to financial penalties,” Owens said in an e-mail. “Those penalties can be as high as $1,500 dollars in some cases.”

“I hate them,” one South Floridian said in a complaint that was included in the federal lawsuit. “I don’t have a text plan so I have to pay 25 cents for each message they send me.”

Justice might soon come.

Source: Sun-Sentinel


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