2012 Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Is A Wrap


2012 Memorial Day Weekend in Miami is pretty much officially a wrap.

There weren’t as many people as last year, that much was obvious. But the general consensus?

Well, the clubs on South Beach most definitely took a hit and most definitely took a loss financially. The businesses on Ocean Drive made decent money as usual. King Of Diamonds made REDONKULOUS types of money with 5 consecutive days of mainland-friendly events. The Venetian Causeway is your best friend. And the cops and Miami Beach residents definitely made their point.

Unfortunately, while this day and weekend should be used to decompress and honor the lives sacrificed for the freedoms that we have living in this country – it has turned into an excuse for 50% off sale celebrations at retail stores and excuses to party and barbeque. But it is what it is. You can’t deny the reality of what it has become.

Miami and Miami Beach has been a central point for the partying on Memorial Day Weekend for decades now, but has gotten a lot of scrutiny for becoming the spot for “Urban Beach Weekend” over the past few years. However, this may be the last year or one of the last years that Miami will serve as that destination for the “urban” crowd as the consensus is labeling it.

Aside from the decreased amount of visitors and the fact that a lot of people headed to other destinations like Las Vegas, Atlanta and even Puerto Rico. Miami was on lock down with Miami Beach Police ready to make their point that they don’t want “Urban Beach Weekend” around anymore.

Cops were representing heavy and locked down the beach like never before including barricades upon barricades, towers, checkpoints, license plate scanners, undercovers and helicopters.

They released a map of open streets and pretty much stuck to it, but did some last minute unpublished changes that affected various businesses, nightclubs in a negative way.

While residents got their wishes fulfilled with amped up safety and police presence, I know the nightclubs were definitely feeling the pinch of the increased police presence. Loads of people were complaining that these measures were a bit excessive.

As of Monday at 6PM, there were 321 arrests for mostly small violations and offenses. Down from last year’s 332.

And other than the bizzare #MiamiZombie face eating situation, things kinda went without any huge incidents this year.

Let’s see how next year goes….


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