Cuban Sandwich #3 – Latin American Market on West Flagler Street


Preface: After Tampa has been on the move to declare the “Cuban Sandwich” as the official and signature sandwich of their city, many foodies have been on the defense to rally against Tampa’s version of the Cuban Sandwich, which in some variations include mayonnaise and salami (wtf?). So we decided to make this week Cuban Sandwich week here on The305 and will give you some new Cuban Sandwich recommendations for the next week. So here’s Cuban Sandwich #3….

Numero Tres. If you’re on the run and on a budget, and more importantly in the mood for a Cuban Sandwich…head on to Latin American Market located on West Flagler in the Flagami area. Out of all the Cuban Sandwiches we’ve tried in Miami, the one at Latin American Market is the most “homemade” tasting of all of them. And at a $2.50 price point, you might as well get two or three for the deal alone. Its not heavy on the ham like most Cuban Sandwiches are, but its just right. You can eat it as is (which is delicious), or you can tell them to skip the butter on the outside of the sandwich as there’s already a little bit of mayonnaise in the sandwich.

The Pro’s – The price. You can’t beat $2.50. Its just the right price for the right amount of sandwich. And while you’re in Latin American Market, make sure to get a couple of Cuban styled Tamales. Which are seriously the best tamales in Miami. They even have ridiculously cheap croquetas, empanadas and Guarapo. I bought enough hot food for 3 or 4 people and it came in about $5.00, you just have to know what to buy.

The Con’s – The mayonnaise comes standard on these Cuban Sandwiches (strike one), since they’re pre-made and stored in a refrigerator (strike two). But if you’re in for a guilty pleasure for just one meal, then it shouldn’t be too bad. So other than the mayonnaise, its a pretty tasty and traditional Cuban Sandwich.

Latin American Market
7365 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33144
(305) 261-4401


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