Cuban Sandwich #1 – Latin American Grill at Marlins Park


After Tampa has been on the move to declare the “Cuban Sandwich” as the official and signature sandwich of their city, many foodies have been on the defense to rally against Tampa’s version of the Cuban Sandwich, which in some variations include mayonnaise and salami (wtf?). So we decided to make this week Cuban Sandwich week here on The305 and will give you a new Cuban Sandwich recommendation each day for the next five or six days.

So first up to bat (*rim shot*), is the Cuban Sandwich at Marlins Park. More specifically, at the Latin American Grill, located by Section 29 in the “Authentic Miami Food” section. Latin American Grill has three retail locations all over South Florida (Doral, Miami Lakes and Pembroke Pines), but they’ve moved into representing their chain at Marlins Park. Pictured above is their Cuban Sandwich, which many critics have said is the best item of food the Stadium has to offer. And we definitely have to agree after trying a couple of the other non traditional baseball eats in the stadium.

The Pro’s – The Cuban Sandwich here at Latin American Grill, is great because its made fresh and prepared right in front of you – as opposed to being stored to side and heated up. So that’s a definite plus. Along with the side order of Plantain chips served with your sandwich order.

The Con’s – The drawback is most definitely the price. But you can imagine that anything at ballpark, arena or stadium is inflated price-wise. So that’s expected. However, at a $12 price-point, its a bit steep, even if you do factor in the “free” plantain chips. The other drawback, is that when the 7th inning stretch comes by, or if there’s a big rush of customers – it seems like the preparers might not heat up the sandwich correctly and may get on that “assembly line mode” and give you a cold sandwich (which is what happened with me). But nevertheless, it was still good and fresh.

So…hit up Latin American Grill at Marlins Park next time you hit a Marlins game.

Marlins Park
Latin American Grill
501 Marlins Way
Miami, Florida 33125

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