NY Times spends a week with Pharrell in Miami


The New York Times got a chance to spend a week with Pharrell Williams here in Miami and well, here’s what went down…

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15 | In Miami, it’s usually warm, but I’m mostly indoors. I started off my day wearing a Billionaire Boys Club white crew neck T-shirt, blue denim jeans and SpongeBob SquarePants toe socks. I love SpongeBob; I just think he’s funny. Squidward is my favorite, though. If he was a human, I would hang out with him. I had a photo shoot scheduled with my good friend Nigo for his brand Human Made and we decided to have the shoot at my apartment. I modeled a lot of the clothes, which pay homage to the very early Levi’s cuts, and ended up really loving these striped shorts. They were simple but the fit was awesome. I tried to take it from Nigo, but he said he needed it.

After the shoot, I headed to the studio to meet up with Diplo. Kept on the jeans and changed into a blue flannel shirt, black N.E.R.D. logo skullcap and my custom Timberland six-inch black leather boots. I drew on the boots with white and red Sharpie paint pens. It’s a bit American mall rat- and punk-influenced: some cartoon graphics and a small Chanel CC logo. After, I stopped by one of my favorite stores in Miami, the Webster. The owners have great taste and they carry Chanel. I’m a really big fan.

THURSDAY, FEB. 16 | A very rare day off. Aside from a few conference calls, I spent it at home with my family, so just put on a Gap white V-neck T-shirt, gray sweat pants and my oversized Mickey Mouse yellow slippers.

FRIDAY, FEB. 17 | Off to New York for a photo shoot. I wore my black leather jacket: a biker style and a collaboration between Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons and Vanson. Nigo introduced me to Junya Watanabe’s designs a few years ago and I’ve liked Junya’s sensibility ever since: out of the box, but not trying too hard. I added a blue and red flannel shirt and a black skullcap. Our next destination was L.A. To prevent myself from getting sick on the plane, I wrapped a Junya plaid and camouflage print scarf around my neck.

SATURDAY, FEB. 18 | First session of rehearsals for the Oscars today. The weather was beautiful and sunny so I wore a Human Made logo T-shirt, RRL blue selvedge denim jeans and my black Lanvin sunglasses. On my feet were the six-inch Timbs. I’m a creature of habit. You can always expect the temperature to drop at night here in L.A., so I brought my blue Mark McNairy workman’s jacket with me.

SUNDAY, FEB. 19 | Day 2 of rehearsals at Capitol Records. Still can’t believe that I have the opportunity to be involved. Hans and I collaborated, but it’s mainly his world, which is like a university. I’m just lucky that I got a full scholarship. Wore my default outfit: a Billionaire Boys Club white V-neck shirt, blue jeans, black N.E.R.D. logo skullcap, Junya Watanabe black leather jacket and the Timbs with red laces. Tied a gray and red flannel shirt around my waist. Grunge, baby!

MONDAY, FEB. 20 | Presidents’ Day. Worked with Corinne Bailey Rae in one room and my new hip-hop artist Buddy in another room. I decided to wear a gray V-neck shirt, navy hoodie, black RRL jeans and black low-cut Chuck Taylor sneakers. I also brought along an Hermès Haut à Courroies bag in camel. I use it for my computer.

TUESDAY, FEB. 21 | Another session today with Corinne. We spoke yesterday on doing another track together. I went to the studio wearing an olive Billionaire Boys Club V-neck T-shirt in this super soft pima cotton, jeans and tan Timberland chukka boots. (I also drew a small Chanel CC logo on this pair.) After, I had to attend a dinner party at the Chateau Marmont. I wore a white V-neck shirt and dark blue Ralph Lauren denim jeans. Over that was a gray Junya blazer in this wool sweater material. It also had brown suede front pockets and elbow patches. On my feet, I had on black wingtip boots, a classic style but bright yellow soles. Lastly, I put on this white gold and diamond ring, superoversized — you know, for the sake of fashion.

Source: NY Times

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