Megan Fox covers Miami Magazine


Megan Fox covers the latest issue of Modern Luxury’s Miami Magazine, which kinda seems like the feature has nothing to do with Miami. But hey, getting Megan Fox in your magazine or any magazine for that matter is a blessing. Below are a couple excerpts….

On growing into her looks: ‘I was never the pretty girl,’ the actress tells the March issue of Miami Magazine, describing herself as an ‘abrasive’ and ‘obnoxious’ ‘loner’ in high school.

On her latest project: ‘I’d rather be with good people in a movie than the other way around,’ Fox tells Miami. ‘Most of the [Friends With Kids] cast knew each other very well already; Kristen and Maya are BFFs. It was such a nice, welcoming, supporting environment… I always try to choose something different than what I’ve done before.’

On religion: Until about age 10, Megan Fox attended a Pentecostal church and religion still plays an essential part in her life. ‘I’ve always been intrigued and repulsed by how divisive and hateful different Christian denominations are to one another despite their obvious commonalities and interconnections,’ she says. The 25-year-old actress regularly attends an L.A. church that she presents as being ‘not judgmental, does not close its doors to anybody, and has a young, active, passionate congregation, which is how I like to experience church.’

On going to a Christian school: Before turning 16, Fox left high school and moved to southern California. Consequently, she earned her diploma via a correspondence program. ‘It was the deal I’d made with my mom: I had to have a real diploma before she allow me to drop out of Christian school and move to Los Angeles.’

On her attitude: ‘I’ll fight to death for something I believe in, and I’ll be completely honest, even when being completely honest is maybe not the wisest way to be… I’ve learned you can do yourself a disservice by being too honest too quickly.’

On Brian Austin Green: ‘I was too young to remember Beverly Hills, so I didn’t know who he was. But I knew I was instantly in love.’

On her secret power if she were a comic book heroine: ‘Invisibility. It’s how you gain the most advantage, at least in practical situations. I would also need super strength, but that’s a given.’

On alien conspiracies: ‘Come on! You don’t think everything that’s learned is released to the public, do you? Surely you know one of my favorite shows is Ancient Aliens?’

You can read the entire article, and the whole issue by clicking here.

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