Premiere of Jimmy Wang’s of documentary “Underground Hip Hop In China” at the Miami International Film Festival


Run time: 63 min. | China,USA | Language: Chinese | subtitled

WORLD PREMIERE. China’s economic boom has created an underbelly of those already left behind, who have created their own protest subculture, and music. One of the artists at the forefront of Jimmy Wang’s fascinating documentary is Weber, one of China’s first and most influential rappers. Weber’s new, raw and energetic version of rap music gave a voice to his working class friends, students and others looking to express their sense of anger, discomfort and resentment with what was happening in their lives. Soon state cultural officials notice and begin to co-opt hip-hop’s name and outward styles, presenting more banal and non-confrontational messages, and Weber and his followers are sidelined by the media domination of state-backed musicians.

Jimmy Wang’s raw and revealing documentary captures a segment of artists from the world’s largest population that demand attention with their spirit, passion and ingenuity. Weber and others use their music as a weapon of justice, yet their tightrope act of bravery is threatened with extinguishment at nearly every turn. Will Hip-Hop in China survive?

O-Cinema – March 11 – 7:00PM
Regal 10 – March 5 – 8:30PM

More info: Click here for tickets


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