Introducing – Our New York City sister site


After finally getting all my resources together and finally working out all of the kinks, I’m happy to announce the launch of our new site… We officially launched it yesterday on 2/12/12. Clever huh? Lol.

Its a new site, with honestly the same blog format we have here on The305, but focused entirely on New York City. Focused on the music, the fashion, the events, the art and the girls (of course). 212 being the principal area code of Manhattan and “the” original area code of NYC.

I’ve had the domain for years. I think about 7 or 8 years actually and it wasn’t till recently that I finally had the opportunity to really develop it. I’ve dabbled with it in the past and I kinda thought it was corny, hell, you reading this might think so too. But I feel like our brand and style of covering local happenings and etc is unique and we could definitely fill a void that might be missing in New York. A site focused on the city, catering to our demographic and doing it justice.

Not sure what to expect and where will go, but if you have any New York friends, family and business contacts, let them know about We’re gonna do for New York what we’ve tried to for Miami.

Both websites will run independently. And will still get bigger and better as well. Thank you for all the support. Without ya’ll this new project wouldn’t be possible. Click below to visit…


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